Dynamic Hire FAQ's

Can't find the answer you're looking for? No problem, send an email to info@dynamichire.com and we will respond quickly. If you think this list is missing an important 'frequently asked question' then please let us know and we will update it accordingly.

You get the software branded for you with your logo, you get your own branded website complete with sales explainer video branded with your domain name and logo. You get the opportunity to make 80% commission on all your sales.
The annual charge allows us to continually improve the software and bring out upgrades which will ensure that the software is current and keeps abreast of trends. You will not automatically be charged for the annual renewal. We will invoice you 30 days prior to the renewal date. This allows you to cancel the renewal if you no longer wish to benefit from the business opportunity.
You may cancel your white label license at any time. Cancellations will not qualify for a refund. Refunds are not provided due to the work and expenses we undertake as soon as your order is placed to set up your business opportunity.
You earn 80% commission each time you make a sale of your brand software. You also earn 80% commission each time one of your users purchases additional interview credits. Payments are processed by your own payment card processing account and the funds will be deposited direct into your bank account.
We invoice you for 20% of the value of each sale you make. This covers our ongoing hosting costs for your website and software application and allows us to provide you with Support.
Each copy of your brand software that you sell comes complete with a number of video interview credits to get your customers started. A video interview credit is used to unlock a candidate's video interview. Once unlocked the video interview can be viewed multiple times without using further interview credits. Additional interview credits can be purchased through your own brand software and you earn 80% commission on every sale.
You can sell your brand software anywhere in the world - you are not limited to a geographical area or territory.
You can sell your own brand software in any legal way that you like. Our support literature suggests various ways such as by making connection requests in LinkedIn, contacting firms advertising on Job Boards, contacting firms advertising on social media and in the press. Remember, the more contacts you make and the more effort you put in, the more you will be rewarded with sales. Often the success is in the follow up.
Yes. You are welcome to use your logo and /or the sales explainer video in your marketing. You are also welcome to copy or use any other marketing literature that we use.
The software is very intuitive to use and includes a handy getting started video to get your customers up and running. If your customers require support the software has an inbuilt support ticket center. These tickets will go to your email for you to answer and offer first line support. If you are unable to answer any questions you will refer them to us and we offer second tier support included with the 20% we take on each sale you make.
Your sales are processed through your own credit card processing login and funds are deposited into your bank account. You retain 80% commission on each sale you make and we invoice you 20% on each sale to cover support and hosting costs.
In order for us to set up your own brand one-way video interview software business opportunity we need you to provide your domain name, API key for your credit card processing account and a logo. If you've never done anything like this before do not worry. We have an easy guide for you to follow and can offer support where needed.
Your own brand website gives your prospects several opportunities to sign up for a free trial of your software. They don't even need to provide a credit card removing a barrier from your prospects taking a free trial.
Once your prospects have taken a free trial of your brand software they can upgrade to the paid version from within the software itself by selecting the relevant menu option. They will then be invited to input their credit card information into the secure site. Once the payment has been successfully processed they will have immediate access to the paid version of the software.
The free trial includes two video interview credits allowing your prospects to try out the software for themselves. The paid version includes 500 video interview credits. More video interview credits can be purchased from within the software when required.
Your own brand software works on any device as it is web-based. The video interviews can be taken on most laptops and desktops that have a camera and microphone attached or IOS and Android devices.
No, absolutely not. Applicants appreciate the ease and convenience of taking a one-way video interview. They can be completed quickly and simply at a time to suit the applicant without taking time away from their current job.
If you require support send an email to support@dynamichire.com and we will get back to you within one working day. Your customers get support by clicking on the Support ICON from within the software application.