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Dynamic Hire FAQ's

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Yes. One-way video interview software is becoming very popular due to it's convenience and ease of use. Using this medium in your recruitment process shows you to be a forward thinking Company which, in turn, will attract applicants. Resumes can only tell you so much about a candidate but being able to see and hear a candidate early on in the recruitment process allows you to gain a valuable insight into candidates personalities.
Due to the automation and minimal time commitment on your part, you can process and screen more candidates than previously possible, ensuring you don't miss out on connecting with the best talent for your job vacancy. Using this type of software can also increase your speed to hire time considerably.
With Dynamic Hire you don't have to schedule mutual availability times with your applicants as you aren't present at the time of the interview. You can invite many more candidates using the one-way video interview system as reviewing the interviews is a much quicker process. Also you have no time-wasting "no shows".
Applicants will appreciate you using Dynamic Hire for first round interviews as it saves them travel expenses and any difficulty scheduling time from their current job for an interview. Applicants can undertake the video interview at their own convenience, anytime and anywhere they like. Dynamic Hire can be utilized on any laptop or computer with a microphone and webcam without need for any further equipment or software downloads. Alternatively applicants may undertake the one-way video interview on their iPhone, iPad or Android device if they prefer by utilizing the free App.
Dynamic Hire is very easy for an applicant to use. Applicants do not need to install any software if they are using a PC or laptop with a microphone and webcam. Alternatively they can download the free Dynamic Hire App for their iPhone, iPad or Android device if they prefer. The template email inviting a candidate to interview includes a link for downloading the appropriate App. Dynamic Hire provides an introductory video for applicants to give them an overview of the whole process and on screen prompts guide the applicant through the one-way video process. There is also the opportunity to provide your applicants with a practice question before the interview begins recording if you wish.
Dynamic Hire is very easy for your organization to use. The first time you log into Dynamic Hire you will have the option to watch a short introductory video. Dynamic Hire is a logical and intuitive software application, however, if you do run into any difficulties support is readily available.
Dynamic Hire is a very intuitive product to use, however there may be times you have questions and we are happy to help. You can get Support by emailing
All your applicant and job vacancies are going to be organized and managed more efficiently in one central repository. You will be able to screen candidates much quicker and process more applicants than previously possible by using one-way video interview filtering. Multiple team members can collaborate on the recruitment process by viewing candidates' interviews on their own schedule, without having to all be present at the same time.
There are many ways you will save both time and money by using Dynamic Hire:
  • You will save time by using Dynamic Hire to more effectively manage your application process
  • Dynamic Hire includes many templates and automated functions to speed up your recruitment processes
  • You will be able to screen a larger applicant pool in less time. This also increases your chances of hiring the best talent the first time round.
  • You won't need to pay travel expenses for first round interviews - instead conducting them by one-way video interviewing
  • One-way video interviews tend to be shorter making review time much quicker.
  • You don't need to schedule mutual availability with candidates for first round interviews. This also means you don't waste time on no-shows.
  • Your speed to hire time will be reduced
Your purchase of Dynamic Hire comes complete with 100 video interview credits. Each time you review an applicant's video for the very first time you "spend" a video interview credit. You may watch an interview multiple times without spending further video interview credits as you are only charged for the first viewing. There is a counter within Dynamic Hire showing you how many video interview credits you have remaining. If you need to purchase further video interview credits this can be easily done through the Dynamic Hire software application by selecting "Upgrade" from the menu. Video interview credits are sold for the low price of $1.00 each and can be bought in any number to suit your organisation. Video interview credits never expire.
Dynamic Hire allows you to view an interview then rate the overall interview using a star rating system and add a comment. Colleagues can also add their ratings and comments. Template emails within Dynamic Hire allow you to respond to applicants, either rejecting them or shortlisting for a further interview.
Dynamic Hire comes with unlimited staff accounts.
You can brand Dynamic Hire for your own organisation in several ways:
  • Upload your own logo to Dynamic Hire
  • Change the Focus color of Dynamic Hire to match your corporate branding
  • Upload a video from your CEO or Hiring Manager for applicants to see as part of the recruitment process.

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