Are You Recruiting Anytime Soon?

Are You Recruiting Anytime Soon?

Small businesses often miss out on the best recruits, not because they are small, but because they don’t have the necessary tools.

Big companies have dedicated hiring staff and expensive software to track applicants. They methodically identify who is the most qualified among the applicant pool.

Small businesses, on the other hand, often assign recruiting to employees that have other duties and no real experience in prospecting for new hires and screening them. These employees can't focus on hiring full-time, so the recruitment process is less structured.  

You can't blame small business owners; they are trying to save money. But they miss out on the growth they could achieve by hiring the best talent.

There are two ways for small businesses to compete with large corporations for top-notch employees.

1. Use applicant-tracking software

2. Use one-way video interviewing

Let's look at how each one of these techniques helps small businesses:

Applicant-Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software stores resumes and other supporting documentation.  It allows recruiters to keep easy track of where applicants are in the recruiting process and provides a bank of templates to make communicating with applicants a one-click process.  Applicants can be ranked based not only on resumes but also on interviews.

The problem is that such software can be so expensive only large companies can afford it or it can tie you into recurring monthly fees which would not work for a smaller company who may only be recruiting periodically. But companies like Dynamic Hire are disrupting the market by providing low-cost applicant-tracking software designed specifically for small to medium businesses. For a one time  very affordable payment, small companies can purchase a lifetime license ensuring this system is available whenever they are recruiting and they always have access to their historical recruiting data.

One-way Video Interviewing

Companies save time in the interviewing process by allowing interviewees to interact with on-screen questions via a one-way video interview. Recruiters can evaluate and rank the responses then choose the best candidates for in-person interviews.

Again, using Dynamic Hire as an example, small businesses get 100 video interview credits with the applicant-tracking software package and only pay a nominal charge for additional video credits as and when needed.

Using applicant tracking software capabilities and video interviewing together can save hundreds of hours of recruiting time. If business owners consider how much their staff gets paid per hour, it is easy to see the real cost of paying people to do what inexpensive software can do.

Businesses can try the Dynamic Hire system for free. The next best thing to making money is saving money, and the expense of recruiting just got a lot cheaper.

Accelerate and improve your recruitment - snap up the best talent before your competitors.

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