Are You Recruiting Anytime Soon?

Are You Recruiting Anytime Soon? Small businesses often miss out on the best recruits, not because they are small, but because they don’t have the necessary tools. Big companies have dedicated hiring staff and expensive software to track applicants. They methodically identify who is the most qualified among the applicant pool. Small businesses, on the other hand, often assign recruiting to employees that have other duties and no real experience in prospecting for new hires and screening...


Will Your Next Hire Be a Dynamic Hire or Just Average?

Will Your Next Hire Be a Dynamic Hire or Just Average? Today, it isn't uncommon to see and hear many businesses stating, "It's hard to find good staff." They may believe this, but at its core, this isn't the issue. There are plenty of good staff out there, waiting to hear from companies just like yours. The real issue businesses should be focusing on is finding the time to find good staff members to enrich the workplace. One trap many companies fall into is not having a dedicated hiring staff...


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