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The Dynamic Way to Hire

Intuitive and Affordable Applicant Tracking Including a One-way Video Interview Platform.No credit card needed.

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Dynamic Hire is an applicant tracking system that utilizes the power of one-way video interviews. This is where you preselect questions that a job seeker then answers via a video recording. It is then uploaded for you to review at your convenience and can be shared with colleagues for their input. This removes the need to schedule time consuming Skype or phone screening appointments and allows you to screen a greater number of applicants in less time.

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It's extremely easy to set up and you can start using it today. No credit card needed.

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What Makes Dynamic Hire Different?



Many other systems are still using FLASH which is outdated and not supported by several major browsers such Chrome and Firefox. Dynamic Hire uses the latest technology to maximize performance, speed, reliability and, of course, ease of use for all candidates.



You pay just $495.00 for a annual license that comes complete with 100 interview credits. There is no ongoing recurring monthly billing. You simply purchase additional interview credits as and when you need more. There’s no catch here either as they are great value at just $3.00 each and they never expire.

Dynamic Hire Benefits

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Dynamic Hire can be branded with your Company logo and colors all communications with your applicants reflect your Company branding.

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Declutter your Inbox

Applications for your job vacancy will automatically be added to Dynamic Hire bypassing your email inbox.

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One-Way Video Interviews

See and hear Candidates before you meet them in person giving you a valuable insight earlier in the recruiting process. Decide the number, type and duration of questions and wether to allow retakes. This elimantes phone screening and Skype interviews.

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Interview Questions

Create multiple interviews, add your own questions or choose from a bank of questions provide. You decide if the applicant can retake and replay their answer. You can also specify how long they have to answer each question.

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Staff Accounts

Dynamic Hire allows you to create accounts for any number of staff members who can participate and collaborate in the hiring process.

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Usability and Flexibility

Review applications when and where you want on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Share with colleagues for their input. It is simple to use and collaboration is easy.

Robert Ward Founder and CEOThe Dynamic Way to Hire

Accelerate and improve your recruitment process and snap up the best talent for your vacancies before your competitors.