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What Makes Us Different?

Technology: Many other systems are still using FLASH which is outdated and not supported by several major browsers such Crome and Firefox. Dynamic Hire uses the latest technology to maximize performance, speed, reliability and, of course, ease of use for all candidates.


Pricing: You pay a small one time license fee with no ongoing recurring monthly billing. You simply add interview credits, in the bundle that suits you, as and when you need more. There’s no catch here either – the bundles are great value and they never expire.

The Benefits

  • Central Repository

    All your job positions and placements are handled from a central repository making your hiring process  more efficient.  All applications and job information are stored on a secure server.

  • Create Unlimited Job Applications

    You can create unlimited job applications and assign any number of questions to be asked during the video interview process.

  • Dashboard and Notifications

    Get an instant notification when you receive an application submission. Review anywhere, anytime and share with colleagues. Easy to follow dashboard shows you instantly any activity within your organization.

  • Add Unlimited Staff Accounts

    Dynamic Hire allows you to create accounts for any number of staff members. So if you work in a large HR department each staff member can have their own access for Dynamic Hire.


  • One Way Video Recording.

    Candidates can undertake interviews at a time convenient to them. You can review on your schedule. Dynamic Hire is so simple to use, IT skills are not required.

  • Time Bound

    You give candidates a time frame to complete the video interview. Candidates are invited via email with clear instructions on how to proceed.

  • Take Two!

    You decide if the client can retake their interview questions or not.  Some companies prefer a spontaneous answer and some are happy to allow a little practice but that’s entirely up to you.

  • One Touch Processing

    Review the application and resume from any location. With easy one-touch follow up you can reject candidates, add them to a maybe list or invite them to complete a one way Video Interview.